This has to end.

I have just read a post on Richard Dawkins.net about a Muslim who is worried about telling his parents about the doubts he has about their faith. The community at RDF has responded to this with tons of advice, which is absolutely wonderful to see. But this got me thinking, and the thoughts just won´t go away.

Here is a person who is afraid of telling his own parents about the conclusions he has made in his life. His own bloody parents! He is afraid of how they will react when he tells them. The fact of the matter is, that in some parts of this world, the punishment for apostasy in the muslim faith is still death. This is the world we live in, ladies and gentlemen, like it or not.

Now, if he is this worried about telling his own parents, then think about the fact that here in Sweden we implement laws that will monitor our every conversation over the phone, monitor everything we do on the internet, and also, store and sift through our private mail. How scared should he really be, I wonder?

I really don’t care if it’s a muslim turning atheist, or a jew turning budist. We all should, and must, have the right to private correspondence. We must have the freedom of choice to remain anonymous, and most of all, we all really must safeguard our freedom of speech.

I am the first to admit that I´m not very fond of religion and superstitions, as many of you already know. There is, however, one thing that angers me more than illogical beliefs, and that is when people don’t have the ability to speak their minds. Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, has the right to freedom of speech. Everyone should be able to have discussions, regardless of topic, without fear that what they say can be heard by someone whom they have not invited to participate.

This is one of the stronger reasons I chose to become politically active in the Swedish Pirate Party. It seemed to me that they were the only political party that still wanted us to be able to communicate freely, and that becomes more apparent for every passing day as the government imposes new laws and regulations to monitor our every move.

This repressive development that is on the way here in Sweden has to stop, for all our sakes.